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Offering Private Violin, Viola and Beginner Cello Lessons

Traditional in Studio Private Music Instruction

and Online Distance Private Music Instruction. 

My music studio is located in Baltimore, MD. 

My method of teaching lessons is very traditional. In the traditional method of instruction you will begin to play your instrument from the very first lesson. In addition you will be learning to read music in addition to the techniques of your instrument from the very first lesson.  As you progress as a player you will be learning about basic music theory and music history which will include not only background about a composers music you will be playing but the musical styles of those composers and their periods. Sight reading is also an important part of the learning process. 

I have extensive teaching experience in both the private and public sectors. For the past 20 years I have maintained my music studio in the Virginia, Baltimore and Washington, DC areas.

I taught for the Levine School of Music in Washington, DC, the DC Youth Orchestra, Faifax County Public Schools, the Prince Georges Youth orchestra, Trinity University in Washington, DC, the Shenandoah Conservatory extention program and summer music camp. 

In addition to my private studio which is

located in Baltimore, MD I offer online distance
lessons via Skype. 

All students must have an instrument for the first lesson whether in studio or distance lessons. Instruments can be either purchased or rented at many local music shop that specialize in string instruments. I recommend Perrin's Violin Shop on North Charles St, Baltimore MD if you are in the area. 
I highly recommend that you do NOT buy a student instrument online. I feel renting for the first few months is a better starting point. If you decide to purchase research in your are a music store that specializes in stringed instruments only
I accept children and adults starting from the ages of seven (7) on through 100 plus. I accept beginners to the advanced performers as well as beginner adult. 

Online distance lessons are NOT available for beginners. To participate in the distance learning program you must have had private  or group lessons for at a certain level in your playing abilities. 

I offer 30, 45 and one hour lessons. 
My in person studio rates are:

30 minute lessons $25.00  per lesson
45 minute lessons $35.00 per lesson
60 minute lessons $45.00 per lesson  

All students are required to pay in advance for the entire month of lessons. Payment options are cash, check or credit card for in studio lessons. Students in the distance learning program must pay by credit card. 

Please note, if paying by credit card there is will be a 3% charge added to the payment. Please calculate accordingly.  

In studio students, when making payments remember to add an additional week for the five week months. 

Online Skype student rates:

30 minute lessons, $120 per month
45 minute lessons, $160 per month 
60 minute lessons, $200 per month. 

All didtance learning students are guaranteed four (4) lessons per month. Those months there are five (5) weeks will credited to lessons missed during the holiday season. 

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My private studio is located the Rosemont area of the city of Baltimore minutes from the county line. Hamilton, Olverlea, Cedmont, Parkville, Beverly Hills, Glenham-Belhar, Linover, Holt Park, Elmwood, Westfield and North Harford Road areas are all with-in 15 - 20 minutes of me. For lesson availability please contact me at the following; 

Referral program for existing students.

For every student you refer to the studio and they sign up for lessons for two months consecutively you will receive a free
lesson. An existing student can accrue up to four free lessons.


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